How to Reset Your Wildcat Web Password

Please use the 'I forgot my password' link  located under the Password field  (see screenshot below) to reset your password.

Do the following preliminary steps.

1 . Be on Wildcat Web website:

2 . Enter your B-CU ID#  in the Username field as seen below.

3. Then click on ‘I forgot my password’ link

4. Enter  either your personal email address that B-CU has on file, or your B-CU email address if you have one.

5. Then click on ‘Send

6. As stated in the confirmation message shown, go check your email used in step 4 to retrieve the password reset notification email. Check all folders including Junk & Spam!

7. Click on the reset password link listed in the notification email.   

8. Follow the steps to choose a new password. Remember that the  new chosen password must be between 8 & 16 characters long.

9. Please remember that the notification received will expire within an hour if you don't act. So, then you have to restart the password request process again.   

P.S: Try a different browser to get to the Wildcat Web login page if you are not getting your Password Reset notification email with the current browser.



Attention Students and Faculty

All  Spring 2022 courses are in CANVAS!


Follow the below steps to gain access to CANVAS courses:


1.      Go to Wildcat Web ( Do NOT log in)

2.      Look on left-hand side of the screen

a.      You will see Canvas Students or Canvas Faculty/Staff, under Quick Links.

3.      If you are a student click on Canvas Students, if your are a faculty member click Canvas Faculty/Staff

a.      If you are logged into your Google email, you will be automatically logged in to CANVAS.  If not, then use your Google email credentials (Bethune-Cookman email) to login.

 Once you submit the schedule acceptance form, you may access your courses in Canvas if the professor has already published the course(s).

Please be aware that there is a delay between submitting the form and the courses appearing on Canvas.